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Why Choose Dr. Naficy?

Over the years we have asked our patients why they chose to have Dr. Naficy to perform their procedure. These are some of their responses:

  • "I felt very much at ease with him. He listened well and was very honest about what he could and, more importantly, couldn't do with my face."
  • "I was very impressed with the quality of his before and after pictures."
  • "I decided on Dr. Naficy because he had done my friend's rhinoplasty and she looks great!"
  • "I appreciated his honesty. He told me that it was too soon to have my eyes done. I waited and three years later he did them, and they look great!"
  • "He did my sister-in-laws' facelift and she looks 15 years younger!"
  • "I wanted someone who is really good at doing noses. I asked around, and his name kept coming up."
  • "I heard his lecture about cosmetic surgery on the UWTV channel."
  • "I read about him in Seattle Magazine, being chosen by other doctors as one of the best surgeons for Facial Plastic Surgery."
  • "I really felt comfortable with the fact that he goes for a natural look. I didn't want to look like I have had plastic surgery."
  • "I liked that he teaches at the UW. I figured he has to be really good to teach at the university."
  • "I asked my doctor whom he would recommend. In fact, he said that Dr. Naficy had done his wife's facelift. That was enough for me!"

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