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Dr. Naficy's Philosophy

My goal is the well-being and happiness of my patients, and the personal satisfaction of a job well done. I believe that most individuals seeking facial plastic surgery are emotionally stable, happy, and well-informed people who simply wish to improve their appearance.

Most plastic surgery patients don't want to look radically different. They may have certain features they would like to change or improve, just to look and feel better. Facial cosmetic surgery is becoming more mainstream and accepted in our society. Just as we pay attention to what we eat and drink, exercise to stay fit, and challenge our minds to keep our intellect sharp, we can also improve our outward appearance and self-image through the benefits of modern facial plastic surgery.

I feel very strongly that the outcome of facial plastic surgery should be natural. Successful results are ones that we don't notice! You don't want someone to notice your nose specifically, but rather to appreciate the beauty of your face. Along the same lines, you don't want to see a middle-aged woman and be struck by the unusual tightness of her neck! You want to see her and wonder what she is doing to keep looking so good year after year.

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