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Choosing a Surgeon

A brief overview.


Dr. Naficy has successfully become double board certified by both of the major national medical boards that certify surgeons exclusively for facial plastic surgery: . . . read more.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions that may help you find a facial plastic surgeon who is right for you: . . . read more.

Cost of Surgery

Cost may be an important factor. Most of us have a budget and all of us would like to get a good deal. But any consideration of price must be weighed against value, in this case something you will be wearing on your face everyday for the rest of your life. . . . read more.


If location is the first, second, and third most important criterion in real estate, then results are the same for facial plastic surgery. . . . read more.

Why a Facial PS?

All practicing physicians have the same initial training: . . . read more.

Why Dr. Naficy?

Over the years we have asked our patients why they chose to have Dr. Naficy to perform their procedure. These are some of their responses: . . . read more.

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